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A trip with us through Le Marche Visit the region of le Marche

Hills, mountains and the Adriatic sea

Il Pignocco is an ideal base from which to absorb the Marche countryside, in Italy, from the castles to the Adriatic coast, attractive villages and medieval castles located more inland, via rolling hills and stunning country roads, or simply soak in the restful and rural surroundings of the Pesaro Urbino province. 

Il Pignoco is situated between the Apennine mountains and the sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea, on the hills bordering the historical Roman town of Pesaro. Both the Montefeltro slopes and the Nerone peaks, with its fortresses, ruins and sanctuaries,  the gently undulating countryside hills, the beautifully preserved mediaeval villages like Gradara, Candelara, Novilara, or the charming coastal town of Fano are easily accessible by car, making Il Pignocco a perfect base for those who wish to explore the beautiful landscapes of the region Le Marche. And more, leaving from the farmhouse, between hills and mountains, in around half an hour by car, the city of Urbino represents the birthplace of Renaissance in Italy.



Villages, towns and castles in the province of Pesaro Urbino to be easily reached during your holiday at Il Pignocco


Gradara has an intact citadel suggestively hacked on the hill, as a sentinel on the sea. The village  evokes the romantic love of Paolo and Francesca and their murder committed by Giovanni Malatesta, known as the crippled. The story has been made immortal by Dante in his famous verses.


Other historical towns

Urbino: "Ideal city of the Renaissance", conceived by Federico from Montefeltro, illuminated price of the 15th century, as a nation ordered by rationality; as a symbol of such a nation he conceived an architectural work that could express the new humanistic vision of the world: "a city in the shape of a building": Palazzo Ducale. Such place became centre of a new model of civilization, the same delineated in the admirable pages of the "Cortegiano" by Castiglione and where the genius Raffaello was born.

Novilara: town that offers a terrific view from its city walls, known for the ancient and vast picena necropolis, for the remains of the Roman aqueduct and for the villa Marcucci Pinoli. Through the ruins recovered in the necropolis, it is possible to trace back the achievements of a picena merchant and warlike aristocracy that was able to defend its own ships from the assaults of the pirates, as it is testified by the naval clash represented on the so-called “stele di Novilara”,  today admirable at the museum Oliveriano of Pesaro.

Candelara: ancient country village castled on one of the hills nearby Pesaro; it is very known for the Feasts that are held here each year: the crafts celebrations (July) and Candles in Candelara (December) organized by the Associazione Culturale Candelara.


Montefabbri deserves to be considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Its walls contain just few old houses and the bell tower of the church, that has replaced the previous fortress. The narrow entrance arch is a classic medieval doorway and protects the village from the entrance of trucks. Perched on a small hill and surrounded by its walls, Montefabbri has a beautiful medieval architecture and continues to be authentic over the years. As a matter of fact you cannot find souvenir shops here!

San Leo

On the overhanging cliff, the inaccessible fortress is risen upright to challenge the winds and it dominates the valley of Marecchia. It took its name by the diffuser of the Christianity, Str. Leo, who came here at to end of the 2nd century. The famous and imposing fortress commissioned by Federico from Montefeltro (centre today of a museum and of a picture gallery), became famous because the known magician, called the count of Cagliostro remained  imprisoned here until his death (1795).

Distances from IL PIGNOCCO

Pesaro – 2,5 km;
Candelara – 4,5 Km;
Novilara – 6,5 Km;
Monteciccardo – 14 Km;
Fano – 16 Km;
Mombaroccio – 16 Km;
Gradara - 18 km;
Cartoceto – 22 Km;
Montegridolfo – 23 Km;
Mondaino – 24 Km;
Acquafan Riccione - 30 Km;
Urbino – 35 Km;
Mondavio – 37 Km;
Rimini – 43 Km;
Acqualagna - 50 Km;
Gola de Furlo – 62 Km;
Pergola – 66 Km;
San Leo – 73 Km;
Cagli – 74 Km;
Frontone - 76 Km.