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A trip with us through Le Marche Visit the region of le Marche

Holiday routes

Le Marche beautiful landscape can take you from spectacular stretches of coastline through green rolling hillsides to ancient villages and historical cities.

Discover the Saint Bartolo hill, the spectacular canyon Gola del Furlo, the charming Novilara village and several vineyards.  

The national nature reserve of Gola del Furlo, nestling in the heart of the Apennines mountains, a stretch of paradise crossed by the Candigliano river, passing through woods, fields and cliff faces rising up from the waters. 

The natural park of Monte San Bartolo (San Bartolo Mountain), between Pesaro and Gabicce Mare is an absolute spectacle overlooking the Adriatic sea. Along the flat and sandy shore, this tall calcareous cliff has a 20 km panoramic road which traverses some of the best scenery in Le Marche, including the picturesque fishermen village of Casteldimezzo, the medieval walled village of Fiorenzuola di Focara, the small village of Santa Marina Alta, almost suspended between sea and sky, finishing along a spectacular stretch of Gabicce Mare coast. 

WHAT TO SEE Our tips

San Bartolo Natural Park

San Bartolo




Gola del Furlo

San Leo